About Chandan Web

The Open Source world is continuously contributing intelligent technologies. A modern intelligent and user friendly web application incorporates several such technologies carefully programmed to work together, and thus provide innovative solutions.

Chandan Web Solutions

Chandan Web Solutions, is based in Bangalore "The Silicon Valley" of India. Consisting of 6 enthusiastic and qualified colleagues on innovative openspource projects. The work culture, development methodology, and knowledge sharing among us has helped our clients and has proven a success formula for the timely and within budget delivery of projects.

The company is formed in October 2008 with the main aim to contribute, develop and support open source technology. We are mainly involved in providing web solutions using Typo3, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Prototype, script.aculo.us, jQuery, and mooTools.

Since the formation of company in year 2008, we had been working only on TYPO3, that is where our core expertise lies. This is an area where many more things are still left to be explored, TYPO3 indeed is quite vast, flexible and we always keep learning new things every day. We love this CMS just because of it's vastness, flexibility and it's ability to accept challenges.

Learn & Share

The company comprises of young, dynamic and qualified team members. The team players have a common vision to learn, and share their knowledge, and they are even actively involved in supporting open source communities.

At Chandan we train, contribute, and work on smart opensource programs. Chandan never sleeps during it's quest for intelligent technologies, and we are committed to providing solutions that work perfect.